Business (r)evolution

In an accelerating world, the structure of our companies, our working methods and our business models are constantly reinventing themselves. Everyday, new start-ups are born and contribute to a more liberal and uninhibited economy that breaks the codes. In this disruptive context, insights and support from outside becomes critical to retain your competitive edge.

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The main assignment of Sneakers & Jackets is to support you in the acceleration and the success of your company’s transformation. Thanks to our unique approach, Smart Consulting., we enable you to enter a new era of agility, proximity and excellence.

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Success Stories

An improved and secure customer experience

Ouibus is a SNCF subsidiary founded in 2011 following the deregulation of the road passenger transport market. In the summer of 2015, it began offering new national destinations, thanks to the so-called ‘Macron law’ which no longer limited this kind of transport in France to only cabotage. Pioneers of a new model, Ouibus has worked hard in terms of comfort of its customers with seats that can be configured for more space and free wifi.

A digital and strategic projects’ portfolio

With more than 4000 hotels in 92 countries, AccorHôtels is the largest hotel chain in France and the 6th worldwide. In October 2014, the Group announced the launch of a € 225 million five-year plan to accelerate its digital transformation and the start-ups acquisition. 8 programs are emerging around Mobile, Customer Relationship, Customer Care, B2B, Employees, Partners, IT and Data with a total of more than 100 projects...

New means of payment for more business

The now famous European amusement park, with almost 15 million visitors in 2015 and nearly 60 attractions, located near Paris, consists of 2 theme parks, 7 hotels and one Golf and extends on 22km2 for the happiness of the young to the old. As part of the development of its international sales, our client wanted to implement a multi-payment solution at the heart of its ticket and package sales process. Indeed, many countries have their own payment systems...

A VIP offer that combines comfort and services

Lyria is a SNCF (74%) and SBB (26%) owned company providing high-speed rail passenger services between France and Switzerland. Against a backdrop of lower revenues, mainly due to European terrorist attacks, a change in customer purchasing behavior, and increased air competition facilitated by lower oil prices, Lyria wanted to segment its Customers while premiumising its offer, thus creating more and more value for its customers with more services.

Latest News

Dec, 5th 2020…
7 years already!

Sneakers & Jackets has (finally!) reached the age of reason by celebrating its 7th candle with a year marked by the COVID pandemic. We have worked hard to be strengthened by this unprecedented crisis and are now preparing for a year 2021 unprecedented in our history, with many announcements and surprises.

We proudly support Time for the Planet

Because we are the last generation that can save the planet, Sneakers & Jackets has decided to invest in the Time for the Planet collective whose objective is to raise one billion euros to create a hundred companies in the environmental sector and thus allow a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions.

Our company highlighted in Forbes

“Small can be beautiful” written by Jon Younger highlights the benefits of working with smaller structures in the world of freelancing and consulting. The famous author underlines our advantages compared to some of the bigger and VC-backed market players: agility, proximity and quality!

Ranking 70th in FT1000 Europe

We are pleased to announce we are part of the prestigious Financial Times FT1000 Europe ranking in 70th place after Top 10 Growth France. Thank you to those who trust us and we help to move forward: partners, suppliers, employees and of course consultants and customers!