We work with many clients from various industries. Our numerous interventions, nevertheless has enabled us to develop an in-depth expertise of certain industries. Knowledge of your trade is our main asset.


How to continue the in-hotel client experience and retrieve more data?

How can I enhance my loyalty program?

Which distribution policy to compete with the growth of the Online Travel Agencies?

What are the processes for setting up multi-brand tactical promotions?

Theme Parks

How can I maximise my revenue using Revenue Management?

How to build a consistent B2B offer? How to facilitate the purchase of ancillary services on my site?

How can I improve hotel package sales?


How to detect and drastically reduce fraud?

How to cut distribution costs and drive purchases on my site?

How can I dematerialise my tickets and make them easier to control?

Do I have to offer end-to-end travel to my clients?


How to optimise and track service?

How to improve tracking of tours and the condition of the goods?

How to improve traceability?

How to limit returns?


How to rationalise and industrialise the reading of my energy meters?

How can I better manage and monitor my work in the field?

How to better inform the customer in case of strong drift of its consumption?

How to improve control of the network?

Community Services

How to bring a competitive advantage at low cost?

How to address the citizens and digitalise customer relations?

What are the levers during the renegotiation of my contract for the delegation of public services? How to respond to a Request for Proposals?

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