Our way to do consulting

The “classical” methods of consulting are no longer suitable to the current economy landscapes (start-ups, ultra-digitisation, uberisation…). Smart Consulting is an approach designed to meet your new needs. It is based on a tailor-made accompaniment and 4 pillars:

  • The consultant’s standing, true ambassador of our values and guarantor of the methods used within your company
  • The continuous measurement of the added value of our assignments by your side thanks to a proximity management and regular missions’ follow-up meetings
  • The use of recent working methods adapted to your environment (Design Thinking, Growth Hacking, Agility…)
  • The expertise of the latest technologies (Blockchain, IoT…)

Digital, Customer Relationship, Data Management

Digital transformation is no longer a question, but a reality for all companies, from small local craftsmen to multinationals. More than 80% of entrepreneurs believe that digital will transform their activities over the next five years.

Our team of Digital Officers will assist you regardless of the maturity and numerical stakes of your company. Its know-how is based on a triple expertise in Digital, Customer Relationship and Data Management.

Our clients entrust us with the following assignments:

Digital Expertise

  • Digital transformation of the company and its processes
  • Digital redesign of merchant and/or transactionals websites
  • Omnichannel strategy definition
  • Customer experience enhancement
  • Implementation of innovative working methods (Agile, Collaborative, Design Thinking, Growth Hacking) and new technologies (Internet of Objects, Blockchain)

Customer Relationship and Data Management Expertise

  • Acquiring and retaining customers
  • Monitoring and improving customer satisfaction
  • Implementation of CRM and / or Big Data solutions
  • Data crunching
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Programmes and Projects management

To follow and adapt is no longer enough. We must now innovate, create and evolve unceasingly continuously in order to survive.

We support you in your transformation projects and programs by adopting a proactive approach to identify opportunities. The knowledge gained in sectors, environments and companies of different sizes allows us to propose relevant solutions to your needs.

Our clients entrust us with the following assignments:

  • Audit and opportunity analysis
  • Analysis, collection and framing of the need
  • Preliminary studies production on the context, objectives, solutions
  • Implementation and facilitation of the governance
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement of quality
  • Constitution, coordination of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams
  • Budgeting and monitoring investments or operating expenses
  • Implementation of a schedule and its milestones, deliverables, batches
  • Identification, qualification and mitigation of risks
  • Continuous change management
  • Overview of technology and business trends
  • Reporting and production of relevant dashboards and indicators
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Processes, Quality, Performance

Theory is good. Practice is better! Our methodology is based on a prospective analysis of your situation or issue. We propose to assist you with solutions for continuous improvement and efficiency whilst optimising your company.

Our clients entrust us with the following assignments:

  • Performance and productivity analysis and improvement
  • Cost optimisation and rationalisation
  • Processes analysis, redesign and management
  • Offer distribution, pricing and revenue management
  • Continuous change management
  • Operational strategy development and implementation
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