A digital and strategic projects’ portfolio

With more than 4000 hotels in 92 countries, AccorHôtels is the largest hotel chain in France and the 6th worldwide.

In October 2014, the Group announced the launch of a € 225 million five-year plan to accelerate its digital transformation and the start-ups acquisition. 8 programs are emerging around Mobile, Customer Relationship, Customer Care, B2B, Employees, Partners, IT and Data with a total of more than 100 projects, of which 20 are considered ‘big hairy audacious goals’ (BHAG), that is to say flagship and followed by the Group Executive Committee.

Sneakers & Jackets was appointed to accelerate the customer experience’s digital transformation and missioned to drive a portfolio of BHAG projects named One-click experience with the aim of facilitating booking, check-in and payment with a single click.

A systematic and welcoming e-checkin

The Fast Track on Mobile project had the ambition to re-integrate the dematerialised check-in within the mobile booking path.

By adding a step in the sales tunnel to gather key information (personal details, billing data, passport, mean of transport, preferences, credit card details…) we have systematised the e-checkin to facilitate the arrival and improve the quality of customer stay. The reception at the hotel is thus much faster and freed from administrative duties. A SMS makes it easy to find the hotel and confirms the availability of the key (room). The main challenge was to keep the conversion rate on mobile. The end result is that this has been doubled!

A secure wallet that does not fear pickpockets

To allow one-click booking and facilitate the recurring purchase, it was necessary to offer AccorHôtels clients a way to store their bank details in their profile in a secure way, for example, when buying on the website with a new bank card. Sneakers & Jackets led this transformation considered critical for continued sales growth.

Transversal and cross-domain team management

Sneakers & Jackets’ role has been to manage this portfolio of projects, from preliminary studies to production, design, development and testing. More precisely, we have set up governance, coordinating more than 30 players from various departments (Business Analysis, Sponsor, IT), managed planning, budget (several million euros), quality and risks, and product regular reporting to the sponsor and senior management.