A VIP offer that combines comfort and services

Lyria is a SNCF (74%) and SBB (26%) owned company providing high-speed rail passenger services between France and Switzerland.

Against a backdrop of lower revenues, mainly due to European terrorist attacks, a change in customer purchasing behavior, and increased air competition facilitated by lower oil prices, Lyria wanted to segment its Customers while premiumising its offer, thus creating more and more value for its customers.

Sneakers & Jackets was solicited to advise Lyria on the right strategy to adopt, the technical solution to be taken to respond to the commercial challenges as well as the framing of the deployment of this offer on the various distribution channels.

Premiumising its offer, a real challenge

The ambitious objective of optimising the turnover (confidential) and the impact on many departments of the company (production, on-board services, communication, pricing, etc.) made of this VIP offer, a true companywide project.

We have supported Lyria in the appropriation and prospective analysis of the detailed study of impacted systems in the design and in the technical and technological decisions to be taken in order to define a coherent and optimal solution. Our main asset is a high level of sector knowledge coupled with an in-depth technical knowledge that allows us to anticipate and mitigate the major risks inherent in this type of project.

Valuable advice combined with technical expertise

Our intervention focused on the framing of the need and its translation in terms of information systems, as well as the implementation of additional services with high added value for customers.

Lyria also benefited from our advice on the governance to be put in place and then on the strategy of marketing and deploying this offer on all its direct and indirect distribution channels (Stations, Shops, Travel Agencies, Internet sites…)

Our expertise in systems, our good knowledge of stakeholders and authorities governing railway distribution in Europe, but also our wider perspective and our freedom of intervention enabled us to be both quickly operational and relevant in advisory matters the construction of this business project.